Why is mulching important?

  • Mulch insulates the soil, protecting the roots from extremes in temperature
  • Mulch reduces soil moisture loss through evaporation and keeps the roots moist
  • Mulch helps to control weed germination and growth
  • Mulch reduces the damage to trunks from machinery (such and lawn mowers and line trimmers)
  • Mulch reduces soil compaction
  • Mulch can improve your your soils fertility


Safety in the garden

Gardening is a popular New Zealand past time and leisure activity.  It allows us to get out and enjoy nature as well as grow our own produce.  Even with the healthy image that gardening portrays, there are still some safety guidelines you should follow when you are out in the garden

  • Follow safety guidelines on bags and containers
  • Wear PPE (personal protective equipment such as gloves, and suitable footwear)
  • Wash hands after gardening
  • Use sun protection (sunscreen, hat, glasses)