Here at Parkhouse Garden Supplies we encourage growing your own food, obviously, but we've taken it an extra step this year.  Along side our working garden beds we have built a chicken coop.  On saturday 15th July we went out to South Eyreton and visited Chickenman, where we adopted 6 ex-battery hens.  

Did you realise that even "free range" chickens are only used for 14-18 months before they are retired (or worse)  So given that a chicken can live some 20 years there is still alot of life to live, and eggs to give.  So The Girls have moved in and are loving their new true Free Range environment.  They are learning how to forage for themselves but of course we are spoiling them rotten anyhow with treats of veggies, leftovers, fruit and even dog roll.  They are loving it.

So next time you are down at Parkhouse Garden Supplies, come and meet the girls.  They are not afraid of people and quite social, you can even have a conversation with them.  We do ask though that you don't bring your dog.  You are more than welcome to come and check out our chicken enclosure, just make sure you shut the gate behind you.

If you are thinking of getting your own backyard hens, then check out Chickenman, you can find him on facebook