Normally bark is laid at least 10cm thick to suppress the growth of weeds and up to 30cm deep in childrens areas. Generally speaking, the more you put down the longer it will last before it needs to be replaced.


Be mindful some compaction will occur with soil and compost products. Allow up to 20% for compacting in garden beds etc. 

Odd Shaped Area?

  1. Make a rough drawing of your area
  2. Divide that area into sections. Choose dividing lines that will create something close to rectangles. Close is good enough.
  3. Use the calculator below to determine the amount required for each section, and then just add them together.
SCOOP SIZE = 1/3 cubic metre = 0.333 cubic metres (3 scoops to a cubic metre)

Bark and Soil Calculator

Width =  Length =   Units

Depth =   Units

Total =  (Cubic Metres)